BioEnergetic Health is now offering the EarMark Therapy Weight Management System. Please download the brochure to learn more about this exciting new protocol that combines Auricular Stimulation & Nutritional Supplementation.

I’m excited to provide the latest and most advanced science for Natural Health currently available.  In our beatiful new office I’ll  offer these therapies and services to help you take better care of yourself and family.

As part of this upgrade the scope of my treatments has expanded considerably.  Now is a great time to explore BioEnergetic Health alternatives.  These days we have more modified foods, toxic chemicals in the environment and external forces at work.  Therefore living in a balanced state is very challanging. 

The mission of BioEnergetic Health is to help you and your loved ones  access  affordable, painless, non-invasive ways to preserve and restore the health and balance that is part of the enjoyment of  life.

Carl Malone, LMT, CNMT, CBP
Natural Health Practitioner  

Laser Neuro Muscular Therapy

For improving overall health and function for acute and chronic conditions

Laser Neuromuscular Therapy (LNMT) is fast and effective. No matter what your level of physical activity, Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) combined with NeuroMuscular Therapy can relieve many painful conditions. In activities of daily living we receive stresses and strains that range from minor discomfort to temporary and even permanent limitation. Making LNMT part of your maintenance regimen can help:

LNMT is effective through clothing.
Laser therapy is not a replacement for medical care.

Demonstrating the QuantumWave Cold Laser
Unwind Protocol and Self-Care using Low Level Laser (press play button to start video)

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QuantumWave Lasers

Quantumwave Lasers is pleased to introduce our revolutionary new line of cold lasers. All of our soft laser systems are portable handheld units designed to be used by lay persons or professionals alike. All of our Quantumwave Lasers come with a rechargeable ac adapter and users manual.

All of our quantum healing cold lasers use our unique new violet soft laser crystal spectrum technology, fully digital Wavestar programmable interface, and our patent pending QuantumWave Laser technology and capabilities.

QuantumWave Laser unit
with optional probes.