LNMT Services


Low Level Laser Therapy - gentle pain relief

Electro-Acupunture - computer scan of acupuncture points and treatment with laser

Laser NeuroMuscular Therapy - massage with low level laser on tender points (works through clothingF)

Auricular Medicine - gentle electro-acupuncture based on precise points in the ear

Champions Edge Performance Tunning - checking NeuroMusular function and correcting imbalances with techniques used by doctors for high performance individuals

Color and Sound Therapy - colored glasses and tunning forks for body balance

Addiction Treatment-effective and painless auricular smoking, weight loss, drug & alcohol protocols



Biofeedback (traditional and neo/modern)-working on a variety of conditions including headaches, pain, addictions

Food Sensitivity Testing, bring in foods, vitamins and suppliments to be tested for sensivity, absorbtion and whether your body will matabolize what you take in


Training for home or professionals

Self-Care Using Low Level Laser, empowering individuals to use affordable alternatives to maintain wellness

Many patients and practitioners are purchasing lasers.  They are affordable and are FDA approved to be sold OTC (Over The Counter).  The new lasers are preprogrammed to make operation simple and effective.  Training is available to patients that would like to purchase their own laser for personal use.  In addition to the training, each laser can be programmed for the specific use.  For example, if the patient is treating conditions affecting family members, pets or horses, it can be programmed for multiple applications.  Training is available on an individual basis.  Laser NeuroMuscular Therapy™ training is available to groups.  Training includes treatment protocols and recommendations based on techniques and settings that are proven in the industry.

Individual training appointments can be scheduled with a partner so use of the laser can be combined with a home care treatment regimen.


Horse & Rider Rehab™

Horse and Rider Rehab™ was founded out of a sincere desire to help both the athlete and the horse recover from any accidents or injuries incurred in training or competition. I believe my approach to healing is both unique and effective and I have been able to accomplish very good results in a short period of time, often in just a few treatments. The treatment I use for both horse and rider is Laser Neuromuscular Therapy™ (LNMT). This application is successful for improving overall health and function as well as treating chronic conditions. LNMT is fast and effective. Whether you are a pro or an avid or weekend athlete, you want to perform at your highest level without pain, discomfort or damage to your body. Through years of competitive athletic training and maintenance conditioning I have tried various modalities to stay in prime condition. In athletic exercise we receive stresses and strains that range from minor discomfort to temporary and even permanent limitation. Making LNMT part of your maintenance regimen can help put you at the top of your game. As an owner of a Rehabilitation Therapy Clinic I have worked with athletes in various sports.

It has been proven that this treatment will assist to:

  • Relieve Pain
  • Increase Range of Motion
  • Increase Circulation
  • Decrease Swelling
After my 17 year old Thoroughbred mare injured her forehead and eye, leaving her eye white (opaque) for 1.5 days along with little to no vision from the injured eye, I quickly called upon Carl Malone for his cold laser therapy and assistance. This has been my first experience with cold laser therapy, and I must say that I am already a believer. Carl offers not just cold laser work, but a specially trained eye and intuitive feel that compliments the effects of the cold laser therapy. It was incredible to see how well my mare responded during the treatments and after. The lymph system had freed-up, the swelling around the eye greatly reduced even DURING the therapy, and her emotional response to Carl's work was what really impressed me. After her second treatment in which cold laser was combined with cranial and sacral work, my mare carried with her an alertness, confidence, mental awareness and vigor like that of when she was much younger. I truly believe that the release she was offered, especially during the cranial work, opened up lymph flow and drainage, and increased circulation allowing the nervous system to respond much quicker. Carl was also able to move her cranial bones into the proper position during this session. I am so grateful for Carl's talents, and his approach with my horses made them feel comfortable and safe from the start.
~Gretchen Topel, Equine Nutritional System, Inc.

QuantumWave Lasers

Quantumwave Lasers is pleased to introduce our revolutionary new line of cold lasers. All of our soft laser systems are portable handheld units designed to be used by lay persons or professionals alike. All of our Quantumwave Lasers come with a rechargeable ac adapter and users manual.

All of our quantum healing cold lasers use our unique new violet soft laser crystal spectrum technology, fully digital Wavestar programmable interface, and our patent pending QuantumWave Laser technology and capabilities.

QuantumWave Laser unit
with optional probes.