Benefits of LNMT

What is Laser NeuroMuscular TherapyTM (LNMT)?

Laser NeuroMuscular TherapyTM is the application of Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT), NeuroMuscular Therapy and Medical Massage Therapy to improve soft tissue function and relieve both acute and chronic pain. LLLT uses cold (sub-thermal) laser light energy to direct bio-simulative light energy to the body's cells without injuring or damaging them in any way. The therapy is precise and accurate and offers safe and effective treatment for a wide variety of conditions.

How does LNMT Benefit Users?

Is LNMT For You? It may be if:

LNMT is used for treatment of musculoskeletal disorders; however it can also be used in assisting the body to heal a variety of pathologies including broken bones, organ issues, headaches and skin disorders. Therapeutic applications of LLLT have been helpful in alleviating many acute and chronic conditions, which can be eliminated or improved with laser use, including:

Pain Relief Fibromyalgia Symptoms
Wound Healing Sprains and Strains
Arthritis Pain Post-operative pain
Migraine Headaches Tennis Elbow
Low Back Pain Golfer's Elbow
Repetitive Stress Injuries TMJ
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Soft Tissue Injuries
Tendonitis Swelling

Where Can LNMT Be Used?

Laser NeuroMuscular TherapyTM may be used any place there is acute or chronic pain or inflammation. We will not use low light laser therapy on persons fitted with a pacemaker, patients who are pregnant, or patients with a history of cardiac arrhythmias or unexplained chest pain or people who suffer from epilepsy. We will always avoid the retina.

LNMT is effective because we can accurately target the
area needing treatment


LNMT is effective through clothing.
Laser therapy is not a replacement for medical care


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